The best printed solutions for pharmaceutical packaging.


The company Osvaldo, Fernandes S.A. Artes Gráficas, also known as OFAG, has been in the graphic market for more than 57 years, and for more than 40 years has been dedicating itself exclusively to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pioneer in quality aspects, thanks to the principles of partnership with customers and collaborators, it has been innovating from the analytical controls of the materials to the forms of packaging (shrink and palletizing) for products, with direct approval for the pharmaceutical manufacturing lines ( with assured quality).




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ISO 9000

The OFAG, arrives in the new mature century, highly capable, with offset and flexographic printers and competent in its administrative conduct, allied to the agility and high degree of satisfaction in the service, with guaranteed quality and in conditions to transform Bulls and Self-adhesive Labels, in an extension of the pharmaceutical production line, based on the Good Manufacturing Standards (GMP) and ISO9000 Certification criteria.

OFAG has all of the necessary licenses for operation (AVCB, licenses and among others), as well as all negative tax debit certificates at the Federal and State Federal levels. Our accounting statements are audited and published.