Labels and labels for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, phytosanitary and agro segments.


Quality for OFAG is to fulfill in full the commitments made with its customers, manufacturing and improving its products - Labels and package inserts, always within balanced, harmonious and safe processes.

Respect and value all its employees and partners, making them aware that we work for companies that invest in research, care for the health and life of human beings, in short, each of us.

  • Folded leaflets;
  • Opened leaflets;
  • Bonded leaflets;
  • Paginated leaflets;
  • Booklet.
  • Self-adhesive labels;
  • Security seals;
  • Impressions on
  • various structures.
  • Segregated and climate production area.
  • Electronic inspection.

OFAG, whose quality reference is its portfolio of Multinational Clients and leading Brazilian Laboratories (see our clients), who periodically carry out audits in our facilities in order to collaborate with our processes and products.

OFAG guarantees the supply of its products through a certificate, based on pre-defined analysis and sampling results with the technical area of each client. All of this, based on Good Manufacturing Practices techniques (G.M.P. Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 9000 / FSC Certification